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18 December 2007 @ 23:15
More back-up writers needed. We really need back-up writers for these prompts. If you can write a fic for one of these, that would be great. Just comment on the entry. Includes het, slash and femslash prompts.

Request 1
Pairing: Sam/Teyla
Prompt: Teyla comes to Earth

Request 2
Pairing: Vala/Laura
Prompt: Laura is on leave and returns to the SGC for a few weeks - where she gets introduced to Vala and goes through the gate with her for a 'short trip' that turns out to be not so short...

Request 3
Pairing: Daniel/Teyla
Prompt: Translation help

What you absolutely do not want in any of the fics written for you: m/m slash, because I am just not a fan, non-con, too much fluff.

Request 1
Pairing: Sam Carter/Radek Zelenka
Prompt A shared fascination with the puddlejumpers

Request 2
Pairing: Jonas Quinn/Radek Zelenka
Prompt A late night studying the Ancient database

Request 3
Pairing: Sam Carter/Teyla Emmagan
Prompt: A training session with bantos sticks

What you absolutely do not want in any of the fics written for you: Character death (that isn't canon), any hint of McKay/Sheppard

Request 1
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard
AU: Daniel transferred to Atlantis - either on the first expedition or later. They need a linguist anyway. Feel free to tweak the canon - he may be on the "first contact" team or not, the team may have 5 members instead of four so as not to deprive us of Teyla and Ronon's awesomeness and so on. You can remix existing episodes as to include Daniel (and Daniel/John) or invent new stuff.

Request 2
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard
John is attracted to ascended or in-the-course-of-ascension people; it only happens that they've been women until now, but when Daniel visits Atlantis in The Pegasus Project, sparks fly.

Request 3
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/Rodney McKay
AU like at 1. or canon, in the past or in the future, but snark and coffee should definitely feature, as could doomsday devices and/or plots to take over the world and last minute escapes.

What you absolutely do not want in any of the fics written for you: rape, torture, gore, excessive angst or whumpage, BDSM, slavefic, mpreg, weeping
better watch your ace: Nothing Says Lovecinaed on 20th December 2007 01:23 (UTC)
If no one's offered yet, I can do the third one, with the Daniel/John and Daniel/Rodney prompts. :)
nat_am_drachen on 21st December 2007 06:44 (UTC)
If no one has offered anything up, I will do my best for the first option.
rhi: stargate - samsscruffyduck on 21st December 2007 19:02 (UTC)
That would be brilliant, thank you. You'll be writing for ryf
nat_am_drachen on 25th December 2007 19:16 (UTC)
Still working on it. The story has taken on a life of its own. Plus, I have been working and been sick. Just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten.